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Light Beam Selfies For Everyone

This show was about so much more than just exploring our journey. We really wanted viewers to come in and reflect on journeys traveled or still in transit. What better way to have someone put themselves into this frame of reference than putting them into the art?

Simply walk up to the booth and pickup the thingy ( a Leap Motion IR device ) and press the glowing doohicky ( a sexy white trigger button powered by Arduino ).

1 . Selfie Booth 1

  1. Selfie Booth 2

Selfie Booth

Showing people in beams of light is pretty cool, but it was important that it wasn’t perfect. We spent a great deal of time deciding where that fine line was between detail and abstraction.

Selfie Overview

  1. Selfie 1
  2. Selfie 2

Selfies and Sleeves

Taking selfies would be pointless if you couldn’t take them home. We printed the images on the fly at the event then packaged them in original hand-stamped wax-paper sleeves.

Selfie Booth Printer 1 Selfie Booth Printer 2

Printing on the Fly

We used an iPad to allow someone to select their photos and a Canon Selphy printer for a fast, detailed print. We also had a black corkboard setup behind the exhibit where you could post selfies, if you wanted to contribute to the atmosphere of the entire event.

Virtual Photography

Image 3 Image 2

Virtual Photography Booth

Just as the Selfie Booth brought someone into the experience, we wanted someone to be able to reach into these living, breathing worlds. We setup a turbulent particle sculpture and allowed anyone to create unique compositions using a process we call Virtual Photography.

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Image 5

Controlled with a PS3 Controller

For taking our Virtual Photos we needed a lot of control. We mapped our camera rig to a PS3 Controller. With it, you can change position, adjust focal length and exposure, even alter time. You can also switch between the light and dark representations of the streams—everything you need to capture your shot.

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Image 4

Final Images Printed

Just as you could print out the selfies, you could print any original compositions you created using the Virtual Photography rig. What’s the point of making something beautiful if you can’t take it with you?